Cabling & Data

Virgo Security Services are also your local expert who can bring your home to life!


Connect sound, television, computers, telephones and security throughout your home.




Smart Wiring

Smart Wiring connects every room in your home to bring you entertainment, information, security and communication. It is invisible, with no unsightly cords or tangled leads. Smart Wiring ‘future proofs’ your home, allowing you to plug in now, and expand later with no additional work needed.


Smart Wiring Entertains
Smart Wiring allows you to watch Pay TV or DVD in any room, even if the kids are watching a video in another room.


Smart Wiring Provides Security
See visitors, watch the pool area or monitor baby by changing the channel on any TV in the house.


Smart Wiring Puts You Online
Plug in your computer or laptop in any room in the house. Connect to the internet, print an assignment and share resources.


Smart Wiring Communicates
Easily and conveniently locate telephones throughout the home. Add a new handset or relocate an existing handset with no messy wires.





Home Theatre

It’s a movie experience so real you can smell the popcorn!


Create a state of the art Home Theatre System using a plasma TV or projector system complete with high quality cables, speakers and sub-woofers.


Compliment your home with in wall or ceiling speakers painted to blend into the decor. All cables are concealed in walls and ceilings to provide a quality and professional finish.

Choose brackets for wall or ceiling mount televisions and projectors, and enhance the quality of your picture with our Audio and Visual Monster Cables.




Multi Room Audio

Bring sound and music to any room in your home from one central source.


Customise the sound throughout the house with amplifier and zone switchers and individual control for volume in each room.


Your home will come alive with quality speakers suitable for use indoors and outdoors connected with professional speaker cable to enhance the quality of sound. All cables are concealed in walls and ceilings giving you professional sound with a stylish finish.





Bring your home to life with Smart Wiring, Home Theatre and Multiroom Audio

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