Security Tips


There are many simple things you can do to keep your property safer. By attending to these details you can greatly reduce the risk of intrusion and theft while you are away.


  • Ask friends & neighbours to keep an eye on your property and collect your mail.

  • Deter intruders with sensor lights, and timed internal lighting switches to give the impression you’re home.

  • Don’t announce you are going away on Facebook or other social media.

  • Ask a trusted friend to open and close curtains and put out the garbage.

  • Lock your power box with an approved device to prevent lighting and security systems being cut off.

  • Remove ladders and other items from your yard that can be used to gain access to your home.


Of course you can't beat the peace of mind provided by a security system that includes CCTV, back to base monitoring, alarms and more.


Keep your property secure at home and away - call Virgo Security now for a free security check.

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